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Bedini-Lindemann 2013 Science & Technology Conference -

Agriculture - Sustainable

Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network - a grassroots, statewide advocacy organization for sustainable agriculture and family farms in Washington State.


Top Secret Car Secret - Buy Electric, Hyrbid or other Eco Cars and SAVE Up to 30%, 50% and Even 90% or More! You can do this at virtually every single dealership in the entire Spokane area!


Tesla Chargers
- World's Most Efficient, Effective & Advanced Battery Chargers/Rejuvenators - Manufactured in Hayden, Idaho


Spokane Biodiesel Collective - If you live near SPOKANE WASHINGTON. Whether you have a diesel or if you dont but want to, are a diesel mechanic or a resturaunt owner with grease to offer, or dont even drive but want to be a part.

Blogs related to Sustainable Living in Spokane

Sustainable Living - This is a blog for folks interested in projects relating to sustainability in the Spokane area.

Books & Videos

The Quantum Key by Aaron Murakami
The Quantum Key
by Aaron Murakami

The Quantum Key - Simple aetheric unified "field" model that explains the physics behind abundance.

Whether it is showing how some machines can and do produce more work they it takes to run them or whether it is your own mind that helps you with manifesting more than your own efforts, The Quantum Key unifies these concepts that just about anyone can understand.

Visit Homepage: The Quantum Key

Publisher: White Dragon Press

Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami - Plasma Ignition
Ignition Secrets
by Aaron Murakami

Ignition Secrets - MURAKAMI IGNITION method uses the SAME amount of power as the CDI system but is so much brighter and more powerful that it is beyond words. It isn't even a spark or an enhanced spark - it is in a category all by itself - it is a bright white ball of wonder!

Visit Homepage: Ignition Secrets

Publisher: White Dragon Press

How to Build a Jet Engine
How to Build a Jet Engine
by Aaron Murakami

How to Build a Jet Engine - How To Build A Jet Engine With A Turbocharger Along With Some Efficiency Modifications Nobody Else Is Showing, Which Are Designed By The Inventor Of The World's Most Efficient Heat Exchanger!understand.

Visit Homepage: How to Build a Jet Engine

Publisher: White Dragon Press

Bedini SSG
Bedini SG - The Complete Beginner's Handbook
Peter Lindemann, DSc & Aaron Murakami, BSNH

Bedini SG - The Complete Beginner's Handbook - "The Bedini SG Is A Right Of Passage For Anyone Seeking REAL Free Energy! Save Thousands Of Hours Of Research, Trial & Error! For The First Time Ever, The Entire Bedini SG Circuit Process Is Revealed All In One Place."

Visit Homepage: Bedini SG

Publisher: A & P Electronic Media



The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor by Mark McKay, E.E.
The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor
Mark McKay, E.E.

The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor - "E.V. Gray's Motor is One of the Most Sought After Technologies in the History of Exotic Energy Science. What You are About to Learn is the Real Story of Ed Gray and the Astonishing Path He Travelled to Develope, Prove, and Eventually Lose Control of This Incredible Technology."

Visit Homepage: The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor

Publisher: A & P Electronic Media

Advanced Motor Secrets by David Squires, EE
Advanced Motor Secrets
David Squires, E.E.

Advanced Motor Secrets - "Scientists and Engineers Have Always Told Us That Electric Motors 'Convert'Electrical Energy Into Mechanical Energy. Apparently, That's Not True!

It Is Now Clear That Electric Motors Can Be Designed To Produce Mechanical Energy AND Recover Most Of The Electricity They Are Running On! This Turns The Idea Of 'Conversion' On It's Head!!"

Visit Homepage: Advanced Motor Secrets

Publisher: A & P Electronic Media

Perpetual Motion Reality by Peter Lindemann
Perpetual Motion Reality
Peter Lindemann, DSc

Perpetual Motion Reality - "The Natural World is in Perpetual Motion. Discover the True History of How Inventors Have Been Attaching Their Machines to the 'Wheelwork of Nature' for Over 400 Years!
The Truth Will Astound You and Open Your Eyes to a World with Unlimited Amounts of Clean, Low-Cost Energy!"

Visit Homepage: Perpetual Motion Reality

Publisher: A & P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets by Paul Babcock
Magnetic Energy Secrets
Paul Babcock

Magnetic Energy Secrets - "Physicists Have Always Said That Magnetism Isn't a Source of Energy. Well, They're Wrong! What You're About To Learn is Something That Has Been Kept Secret From The Public For Over 170 Years! These Really Are The Magnetic Energy Secrets That You've Never Seen Before!"

Visit Homepage: Magnetic Energy Secrets

Publisher: A & P Electronic Media

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann
Battery Secrets
Peter Lindemann

Battery Secrets - "I've been building chargers and charging batterys with them for 11 years and thought I have a good handle on the charging process. Peter's lecture opened my eyes..."
- Mike K.

Learn why virtually all battery chargers on the market are actually designed to KILL your batteries and what the chargers actually do need to do in order to give them longer life!

Visit Homepage: Battery Secrets

Publisher: A & P Electronic Media

Magnet Secrets by Peter Lindemann
Magnet Secrets
Peter Lindemann

Magnet Secrets - "WOW...Awesome Information... Super Valuable... Surprised this stuff is not Banned... Thanks for the Excellent Product and Super Price...."
- Todd T.

Many companies make claims about their magnetic products, but this is the only manual that gives you all of the documentation on the one, single method actually proven to work.

This method is used by all of the following organizations, government departments and companies:

* US Treasury
* US Air Force
* Panasonic
* Walt Disney World
* Hilton Hotels
* too many to list...

Visit Homepage: Magnet Secrets

Publisher: A & P Electronic Media

Real Rain Making
Trevor James Constable

Real Rain Making - "I have been successfully making rain and breaking droughts for decades. Now you can see, with your own eyes, how it is done!"
- Trevor James Constable

Absolutely, one-of-a-kind documentation on the 40 year development of a successful rainmaking process. Package includes over 250 pages of photographs and information in two books and over two hours of live footage of rain making processes in three WMV downloads. Package includes a great deal of previously unreleased material and four bonus features.

Visit Homepage: Trevor James Constable

Publisher: A & P Electronic Media

Classic Energy Videos presented by Peter Lindemann
Classic Energy Videos
presented by
Peter Lindemann

Classic Energy Videos - "These videos from the 1980's highlight a handful of researchers who are greatly responsible for laying the firm, scientific foundation for the "free energy" movement of today."
- Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.

Main package includes 5 films, representing almost 8 hours of information on paradigm shattering physics and electrical demonstrations. Major presentations by Bruce DePalma, John Bedini, Eric Dollard, and Peter Lindemann. Package includes 8 more bonus features including Bob Teal, Adam Trombly, Jim Murray, Chris Carson, and Parmahamsa Tewari.

Visit Homepage: Classic Energy Videos

Publisher: A & P Electronic Media

Save on Home Energy
Save on Home Energy
by Peter Lindemann
& Aaron Murakami

Save on Home Energy - How to cut your power bills in half!

#1 Home Energy Savings Manual! We were the first to publish a legitimate book on how to save money on home energy bills, using these methods.

Several other "authors" have copied our information and have tried unsuccessfully to repackage it. Unfortunately, Clickbank is loaded with SCAM PRODUCTS in this genre that tell people they can install a solar system for $200 or build a magnetic power plant to run their home. We show you how to make the biggest savings on your utility bills for the smallest investment, using products available today.

Visit Homepage: Save on Home Energy

Publisher: A & P Electronic Media

Fuel Efficiency - Boost MPG & Reduce Emissions

RxP - The emission reducer

Spokane Diesel - Reduce diesel emissions.

Spokane Fuel - Save money at the pump no matter where you buy gas.

Vacclaisocryptene - Used by NASA and can double the life of an engine.


- World's leading magnetic fluid conditioning technology.

Non Profit Organizations

Living Green with SNAP - Living Green expanded Conservation Education to include more topics, with an emphasis on treading lighter on the earth while still saving money.

SNAP - SNAP offers several programs that help low-income households with expenses by paying a portion of their heating costs.

Real Estate - Eco Friendly Homes
Spokane Home For Sale - Underpriced Eco-Friendly home is the most energy efficient in this Shadle neighborhood! High efficient rancher with full size mostly finished basement. Basement finished long time ago, could use a facelift. Attic has aluminum radiant barrier across 100% of 1 foot thick of insulation, high efficient Lopi Answer fireplace insert with a blower, oil burner high efficient Beckett AFG, ultra high efficient windows by Simonton - triple silver glazed radiant barrer on windows #1 rated by JD Power & Associates, Gleaming hardwood floors on entire main floor except heavy duty like-new linoleum on kitchen floor. Bathroom was completely remodeled, new tile, medicine cabinet, lights, tub was refinished, etc.... Solar tube light in kitchen and bathroom *FREE SOLAR LIGHT*, garden plot in backyard with organic soil added with organic biochar and michorrhyzal treatment to soil in addition to rockdust mineral treatment, 2 wood sheds out back *WINTER READY FULL OF WOOD* and oil tank has plenty of oil already in it!. Big child swing set in backyard (will be removed at request), fully wood fenced back yard, hall and kitchen lights are super efficient. 100% of every square inch of inside paint is applied on top of a NASA developed ceramic paint additive that keeps heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer (this is radiant reflective technology that lowers your heating and cooling bills), 1 car garage with automatic door opener and full automatic sprinkler system for entire front and back yard, off street parking patio in front next to driveway, roof shingles in excellent condition, chimney just rebuilt from roof up with new flue liner tiles- new tuck-point- flashing the works with a new drip edge. There's more!

Resources - Directories & Forums

Feel The Vibe - Holistic health, consciousness, quantum physics and related resources.

Free Energy - #1 alternative energy webiste.

Go Green Directory - Now you can reach like-minded folks who value progressive ideas, concern for the environment, and a love of our local community. Listing and advertising in GO GREEN is a great way to let people know they have a choice.

Green Living Northwest

Renewable Energy - Discussion Forum you can join for free. Meet hundreds of other like minded people!

Spokane - Click Spokane resource directory.

Spokane County Conservation District - A political sub-division of Washington State government, dedicated to providing natural resource information, education, and technical assistance to the citizens of Spokane County.

The Green Zone - The Green Zone is a place to discover “earth-friendly” ideas and alternatives, compatible with the Inland Northwest lifestyle.

Solar & Wind Power

Ribic's Wind & Solar - We specialize in wind, solar and hydro power.

Water - Sustainability & Conservation

Spokane Aquifer - The Spokane Aquifer Joint Board is dedicated to protecting this sole source, through our Wellhead Protection Program and through citizen education and awareness.

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